Content Management Systems

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Enterprise CMS

Moov Technology Solutions has been maintaining the developing on the open source WordPress platform for the past 5 years. WordPress can be adapted via various key plug-ins to be a very powerful corporate CMS system. Plus it is a very good and simple to use CMS (content management system) perfect for most sites. For larger enterprise sites we also work with other systems including MS SharePoint. If you’re looking for a website for your Enterprise look no further than eBusiness Consultants.

CMS Solution Features

Standards Compliance

All CMS systems we work with support W3C standards and compliance:

  • Generated code is in full compliance with the standards of the W3C.
  • Perfect interoperability multiple browser platforms so your site looks perfect as it should.
  • Mobile & Responsive Site Adaptability

Powerful Content Management

Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to learn and an easy choice Content Management Solution:

  • Page content management is completely customisable whereby no matter the format our team and easily customise the admin for easy management.
  • Easy to use and has a great many enterprise plug-ins to streamline content management.

Blog Tools

World class blogging tools which integrate seamlessly with major search and online mediums:

  • Industries best blogging platform supporting Trackback and Pingback Standards
  • Multitude of blogging widgets including player video support


Powerful comments and feedback system that allows richer interaction with users:

  • Comment support allowing users to leave comments on individual entries supporting collaboration, feedback and SEO.

User Registration

Simple and powerful user registration system easily customisable to your specific needs:

  • Full user registration system and multiple custom user registration plug-in systems.
  • Advanced profile/user management with custom fields and different levels of configurable privileges.

Easy Import

Import from a range of different online channels:

  • Import posts, comments, pages, categories, custom fields and tags.

Multiple Authors

Easy management of your website by a large team of editors and managers:

  • Multiple Authors with up to ten levels of user type with privileges for editing, options and other users.


Our shopping cart solutions are safe, secure and reliable.

  • Different users can post drafts, publish to certain pages only and even make pages live.

Plug-ins & Modules

Our enterprise shopping cart solution allows you to safely scale into an international megastore.

  • A huge number of plug-ins doing whatever your organisation requires.
  • Ability to build custom modules easily via a highly flexible API


Shopping cart solutions that are safe, secure and reliable.

  • Ability to integrate shopping cart and payment systems easily to allow for functional online transactions.