Online Video Promotions

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Online Video Promotions

Moov Technology Solutions produce high quality HD corporate videos and commercials for the Internet. We offer a full service where we design a creative platform, plan and produce, edit the footage, record sound and voice overs and then publish your video advertisement online.

At Moov Technology Solutions we know what makes a great corporate video or online video advertisements:

  • Visually appealing – so people remember your ad
  • Clearly communicates the organisation, product or service and key benefits.
  • Composed with the key audience in mind
  • Consistent with other marketing materials
  • Communicates a clear call to action in a creative way

Once completed we can publish your professional online video or online video advertisements via the Google/YouTube network and other online publishers. Please read on for more information below…

Youtube Video Promotions

Moov Technology Solutions can upload your organisation’s video on your YouTube Channel, embed in your website, run it on the google ad network and share it on social media networks. Benefits of using YouTube: videos:

  • 300+ million people watch & share YouTube Videos
  • Advertise your organisation with Video Ads and you only pay when your ad is viewed
  • A branded YouTube Channel for your organisation

Vimeo Video Promotions

Moov Technology Solutions can also upload your organisation’s video on Vimeo, embed it in your website and share on social media networks. Here are some of the benefits of using Vimeo videos:

  • High Quality Videos
  • Fast Video Bit
  • No Advertising before, after or over your video’s
  • People can easily download your movie