Search Engine Marketing

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SEM Management

Moov Technology Solutions offer organisations a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solution which incorporates Pay-Per-Click, SEO, online video and display ads to drive traffic and boost sales. Search Engine Marketing is a fast, effective and proven means of generating quick increases in response. The key to its successful implementation is selecting the correct market then devising appealing ads and landing pages that convert traffic into sales. Crucial stages we address in this process include proper key word research, creative platform formulation and backend tools like analytics, back link checkers and validation tools. For more information about our SEM services please read on.

Specific SEM Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

We can assist your organisation in key word research, ad structuring and design. Developing a PPC campaign that provides sustainable and measurable ROI.

Google Tools

We can enhance your site to better integrate with google search, Google +1, webmaster tools and google locations to drive more traffic to your site.

Display Ads

Our creative design and animate display ad strategies that draws clicks from 1000’s of web properties across various ad networks.


Our SEO Services drive traffic via improving your organic placement and boosting free rich traffic to your site. For more information on our SEO services click here.

Industry Leading SEM Packages

30 Ads 60 Ads 120 Ads 120+ Custom
Keyword Report Advanced Report
Ads Group Design
Text Ads Design
Google Tools Advanced
Display Ads Design 3 Banner Ads 6 Banner Ads Custom
Animated Display Ads Animated Animated/Video