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Mobile Websites & Apps

Mobile Internet users utilise their smartphone to use social media, check email, and most importantly they search for, review and purchase products and services.

Most websites are not compatible with the smaller viewing displays of mobile devices, which causes frustration under a lot of mobile device users. That is when you can decide for a separate mobile website, designed specifically for smart phones. Or develop a responsive website which is usable on multiple devices such as desktop computers, tablet devices and smartphones.

Moov Technology Solutions understands mobile websites. We know that fundamentally ‘mobile’ refers to the user, and not to the device or application. Our mobile sites are designed with the viewer, the user in mind. Navigation is easy, the content is clear and concise and images and videos are spectacular.

Why a Mobile Website?

Anywhere-and-everywhere convenience for users

  • People are mobile, and enjoy the convenience of mobile Internet
  • Users can browse your products and services, review and buy your product and service anywhere at any time.
  • Mobile web usage will exceed desktop web usage

The mobile website is designed for mobile phone users

  • The browser seizing of the mobile site matches the screen size of a smartphone
  • Our mobile sites are clean and easy to navigate
  • Our mobile websites are designed to load quickly, on the go
  • Optimised content and a clear call to action

The latest innovative features are included

  • Tap to Call
  • Interactive Maps
  • Integration with social media
  • Contact forms
  • Getting in touch with your organisation is made easy

Automatic re-direction to mobile site

  • Re-directs site visitors with a smartphone automatically to the mobile site
  • eBusinesss Consultants can setup a mobile site on a new domain, a sub-domain or integrated into WordPress.
  • Our mobile websites are designed with WordPress, a content management system (CMS), which allows you to make updates to the website and write blogs.